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Video Convention


We all love award shows and ceremonies, don’t we? Well, here is an award show with a difference. No pushing the envelope, no “connections,” no secret bidding. For WSC awards, nothing works more than the hard work you have put in to make your venture what it is.

The industry experts on our panel scrutinise your applications very carefully, study your work, understand your unique work style, figure out why your start-up stands out in the category you have applied for, look at why you think you deserve the award, and several such details.

The idea is to make these awards benchmarks of fine work in the start-up ecosystem.

Video Convention


Here is your chance to win grand prizes and lots of adulation. Fill your applications quickly!



01.  Unicorn of the year 

02.  Start-up of the Year

03.  Incubator of the Year

04.  Most responsible Start-up/Greenest start-up of the year

05.  CEO of the Year

06.  Bootstrapped Start-up of the Year

07.  Founder of the Year

08.  Best Social Impact Start-up

09.  Investor of the Year

10.  Best Serial Entrepreneurs

11.   Woman entrepreneur of the year

12.  Largest rural job generator of the year

13.  Pathbreaking start-up idea of the year


Kindly fill in the details to nominate your startup for the WSC'23 Awards.


Thanks for submitting!

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